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Gateway Giving

Gateway Giving Fund

“The Gateway Giving Fund is the heart of Charleston Day School’s fundraising effort. I give to CDS because I consider it a thank you for the past, funding for the present and a gift for the future because CDS students go on to accomplish amazing things!”
Miley Burnett, Current CDS Parent and Gateway Giving Co-Chair

Small School, Exponential Impact

Every dollar has an exponential impact on our students and faculty:

  • Enhancing our curriculum through innovative hands-on learning opportunities
  • Advancing programs that focus on character development
  • Supporting memorable off-campus learning experiences
  • Providing professional growth and development opportunities for our faculty and staff
Gateway Giving levels:
Founder’s Circle
Gateway Society
Headmaster’s Club
Archdale Association
State Street
Elliott Street

Thank you, Parent Volunteers!

Parent Co-Chairs:
Miley Burnett and Kristen Sumner

2018-2019 Class Ambassadors

Stephanie Alvarez

First Grade
Liza Green
Katie Seaman

Second Grade
Elizabeth Allen
Brandi Rutledge

Third Grade
Summer Anderson
Lizzie Hamilton
Karen Rowe

Fourth Grade
Scotty Brisson
Katy Hood
Dee Kempinski

Fifth Grade
Chrissie Batten
Mettrie Lari

Sixth Grade
Valerie Askins
Mary Norvell Hughes
Jennie Richardson

Seventh Grade
Dawn Bergren
Eleanor Kuhl
Molly Young

Eighth Grade
Caroline Johnson
Amanda Maybank
Kim Musselman

“Because of professional growth and development at Charleston Day School, our students have been able to stay at the forefront of STEAM Education. Having advanced knowledge of 3D printing, the Science team incorporates engineering and design into a STEAM elective for CDS students. It is exciting to see first-hand the amazing designs our students create, which challenges them to think outside the box.”
Scott Kerkstra, Current CDS Faculty and CDS Parent

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