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Visual Art

Encouraging Creative Potential

Historical Artist

Each semester students in all grades immerse themselves in the life and works of the same historical artist, such as Vincent van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci. They create different pieces inspired by the artist using various types of media, such as drawing, printmaking, ceramics or glass fusing.

Leonardo da vinci

Third graders paint fresco drawings as if they were painters during the Renaissance.

Living during the Italian Renaissance, Da Vinci drew what he saw and studied the movement of animals, bird, and the world around him. CDS art students draw inspiration from Da Vinci whether it’s his use of dramatic lighting and realistic drawing, drawing and painting places or people that he could see, or building sculptures of animals that he studied.

Vincent Van gogh

Fifth graders created giant elephants and painted them in the style of van Gogh.

Across the Curriculum

Teachers collaborate so that learning is engaging and seamless between art class and other subjects. Students explored da Vinci’s drawings of flying machines as they related to concepts of flight and built their own models.


Showcasing Art

From the receptionist desk to the lunch room, student artwork is proudly displayed throughout our campus. Our entire community gathers twice a year for an all-school art show. Providing opportunities for students to develop and showcase their artistic skills helps Charleston Day students recognize their strengths.

Beyond the Classroom

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