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Charleston Day School

Health and Safety Enhancements

Created by working closely with MUSC’s Back to Business program advisors and our new school nurse, Charleston Day School reopened for Fall 2020 with many important changes to our everyday routines in order to safely accommodate our community in person: the requirement of facemasks on students and faculty, increased handwashing and new handwashing stations, students remaining in their classroom (cohorts) and teachers moving from class to class, social distancing measures to remain six feet apart, new PikMyKid app for daily health screenings, revised carpool procedures and more outside breaks for students during the day.

The school also made a significant capital investment in adding iWave Air Purifiers to the HVAC units, and invested in a Clorox 360 Machine to allow for sanitation of rooms and equipment. In addition, the entire school is treated regularly utilizing a NovaRover – the same machine utilized by major airlines for COVID prevention. Charleston Day also has an on-site school nurse.

One major component of the Return to School Plan includes the new Alternative Learning Plan (ALP) in which students at home can join in with their peers in the classroom via Zoom, an iPad and tripod. While all of the changes brought about by this unusual season take some getting used to by students and faculty alike, most students are just happy to be around their peers and the teachers around their students. Spending the spring at home brought about a true appreciation for the privilege of learning on campus.

We are now months into “the new normal” at Charleston Day School, and we remain committed to partnering with our families to continue to provide not only an exemplary education, but a sense of community and connection.

new health and safety enhancements:


Handwashing Stations Classroom Cohorts Social Distancing Daily Health Screenings
Revised Carpool Procedures Additional Outside Breaks Facemasks for All Alternative Learning Plan
Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitation Improved Air Quality On-Site Nurse


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