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Remote Learning Week in Review

April 13

What a busy week our Scorpions had learning remotely! Below are just a few of the fabulous highlights–science, math, history, literature and art–that happened in our homes.

First grade

Students did a seed dissection to observe the internal structures that help seeds survive and grow.

Second Grade

Second grade scientists studied habitats and biodiversity. The assignment was to visit two locations. In each location students imagined that they were an organism and this was their habitat. How might the organism find water and shelter? How much sunlight would be available to them in their habitat? Students also did scientific sketches and/or photos of organisms that they observed in each habitat. Some made zoo enclosures for an animal of their choice.

They also conquered their math facts skills at home!

Second graders then studied Egypt and created “scenes” of their research. Some favorites included pyramids, pharaohs, the Nile River and a cartouche (the students’ names written vertically using hieroglyphics). What fun!


Library Lessons were focused on mysteries. The students learned how to do DIY fingerprinting. Who dunnit?


In middle school art, sixth graders created radial designs with symmetry, seventh graders designed artworks inspired by paintings by Gustave Caillebotte showing the “world outside the window,” and in eighth grade, students designed wallpapers for cell phones using repetition and color.

View more photos from the week below.

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