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2019 Excellence in Teaching Award

January 29

Madame Morin accepts her award with her husband and daughter.

Congratulations to French teacher Madame Brigitte Morin who was recognized in September 2019 as the recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award. Our School is filled with exemplary educators and each year seeks nominations from parents, faculty members and alumni for this prestigious award. 

Brigitte Morin is one of our strongest faculty members and one of the best ambassadors for our school,” reads just one of the many nomination letters received on her behalf. “She constantly tells others about the great work we are doing here, and yet always downplays her own role in that work. Brigitte understands our students, particularly middle schoolers, and is always there to guide them and help them. She reaches out to parents when there are challenges and works with families and students to help each student be the best that he or she can be.”

The Excellence in Teaching Fund was established in 2016 by a Charleston Day School alumni family who wanted to recognize and show appreciation for faculty members. Last year’s recipient was sixth grade teacher Marianne Clare.

Congratulations, Madame Morin!

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