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Dining Services

Heathy Meals and Manners

Charleston Day School offers healthy and delicious lunch and snacks to all students and faculty. Meals are provided through the professional chefs from FLIK Dining Services. Students and teachers eat together at round tables, where everyone relishes the opportunity to enjoy each other in a less formal setting. Dining together is an extension of our curriculum, as teachers use this time to teach conversation skills and table manners.

What is for lunch this week?
What if my child has food allergies or dietary concerns?

Our chefs have experience working with families with allergies and special dietary concerns. Please contact Chef Keith to discuss your child’s diet.

Do I need to bring a snack?

Snacks are provided each day. Examples of snack offerings are fresh fruit, yogurt, cheese sticks or granola bars.

What if my child doesn't want the meal offered?

In addition to the featured meal offering, students can choose from a build-your-own sandwich bar, loaded salad bar or a daily soup station. Instead of struggling to find one meal to eat, students often ask which one they want to try today.

Can I join my child for lunch?

Parents often join their child for lunch on his or her birthday. Children in all grades enjoy having a parent join them on campus to share the lunch experience.


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