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Our library media specialist, Mrs. Sarah Young, wears many hats. With a master’s degree in Library & Information Science, Mrs. Young is an advocate for accessibility and inclusion in the library. Charleston Day School librarian with book recommendationsShe believes in making students strong and independent seekers of information. She is an active participant in the South Carolina Children’s Book Program and currently serves as vice-chair of the BOOK AWARDS COMMITTEE. If you need a recommendation about what to read next, Mrs. Young will have a great book for you!

Not only does she have vast knowledge about children’s and middle school books, but she also runs the Clarion news program elective for 7th and 8th grade students and maintains an INNOVATION area in our media center. With robotics, circuits, building, and coding, Mrs. Young often works in tandem with our school’s science and technology teachers to support classroom learning.

Charleston Day STEM class in the library

Birthday Books

During their birthday months, Charleston Day students and faculty members each receive a book donated to the library in their honor. Mrs. Young has a special cart of new books available at all times. Readers choose from the birthday cart jammed full of exciting new books. Students can choose anything from nonfiction and adventure to popular new graphic novels. A name plate with the student’s name is placed in the front cover of the book. When the book returns to the library, each new reader will have a reminder of that child’s birthday.

We are grateful to the Anderson family, proud parents of two current CDS students, for their generosity in offering our annual BOOKS-A-MILLION holiday book fair and for sponsoring our Birthday Book program.Charleston Day library students reading pictures books

Books by the Numbers

300: Birthday books given each year
12,336: Books in the Library
9,872: Books checked out in a single year
15+: Alternate uses for the Library

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