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“Seeing my students five days per week provides a daily exposure that makes a huge difference in the success of their French class. The students have the opportunity to learn both the language and the culture.” — Madame Brigitte Morin, 5th-8th Grade French Teacher

Proficiency in a second language is an essential life skill in our increasingly global world. Charleston Day School’s World Language program focuses on developing global citizens who are adept at problem solving and communicating in a constantly evolving society. Beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through fourth grade, students are exposed to both French and Spanish before they select between the two for study from fifth through eighth grade.


Lower School Program

Charleston Day Kindergarten students are exposed to French and Spanish through stories and songs to create a strong connection. Students celebrate and explore cultures as well as the major French and Spanish holidays. By the time students reach fourth grade, they are comfortable holding basic conversations and have a solid foundation to enter the language of their choice for the remainder of their CDS experience.

Middle School Program

From fifth to eighth grade, students strive for grammar proficiency in the pursuit of fluency in their language of choice. Because students are exposed to French or Spanish cultures and actively engaged in speaking the language, the classroom experience is vibrant and motivating. Students dive into grammar and explore not only conversational but grammatical concepts, allowing them to become proficient in their written language. This proficiency level approach to World Language study in the Middle School produces confident graduates who are ready to successfully enter their High School language programs.

National Awards

Each spring, students in grades 6-8 take either the National Spanish Exam or the National French Exam. We are extremely proud of our students, who, on average, place above the 90th percentile on these National tests, bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals.


Research proves that exposure to different languages at a young age opens the mind to different cultures and ways of life. Research also proves learning a second language encourages problem-solving, critical thinking and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration and the ability to multitask. Children exposed to World Language in the early grades show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. Charleston Day School is committed to language education during the early years in order to foster early engagement with world languages and cultures. This program has been designed with four areas: listening, reading, writing and spelling. It provides exposure to the cultures of the languages and sets up students for success in the language of their choice by the time they graduate from CDS.

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