Charleston Day School

Charleston Day School


Objectives of Charleston Day School

  • To provide an outstanding academic program that stresses skills and thought processes needed today, promotes a spirit of inquiry and creates a sense of excitement about learning.
  • To teach the children how to study and to support their academic needs.
  • To promote through example and guidance the building of integrity, moral character, sound ethical principles and personal honor.
  • To foster a warm and caring school community that nurtures the development of each child, respects the uniqueness of each person, builds self-esteem and promotes enjoyment of one another through friendship.
  • To offer a creative and well-balanced program of activities and sports that encourages participation by all, provides sound instruction and emphasizes teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • To develop in each child a strong sense of caring for and serving others through community service.
  • To present wellness programs for the mind and body that address current challenges young people face in such areas as nutrition, peer relationships, chemical dependency, sexuality and communicable diseases.
  • To provide an open, tolerant, and accepting learning environment which is inclusive, representing individuals from the many ethnicities, races, socioeconomic groups, and religions which comprise our local and global communities.
  • To attract and retain an outstanding, dedicated faculty and administration who have strong “esprit de corps,” loyalty to the school and its mission, and exceptional teaching skills.
  • To provide sound governance through an energetic, committed and well-informed board of trustees.
  • To encourage the active involvement and support of parents, extended families and alumni.
  • To provide the facilities and technology training and instruction for faculty and students needed to effectively carry out the school’s program.
  • To ensure the present and future financial strength of the school through the necessary planning, fiscal oversight and fund-raising.
  • To participate in the Charleston community and the Harleston Village neighborhood through service projects and relationships with the purpose of community improvement.
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