Charleston Day School

Charleston Day School

Off-Campus Learning Experiences

Beyond our Gates

At Charleston Day School, off-campus learning experiences reinforce what is taught inside the classroom and expose the students to meaningful hands-on learning, teamwork and character building beyond our gates.

The Great Outdoors

Eighth graders at Kiawah Island

Our students and teachers enjoy getting out of the classroom for some hands-on learning off campus. The Great Outdoors can teach us so much!

The eighth grade spends the day at Kiawah Island kayaking, team-building and enjoying nature.

Seventh graders attend the Kanuga Mountain Trail Outdoor School in the mountains of North Carolina. They learn about teamwork, community and leadership with whitewater rafting, ropes courses and more.

The sixth grade explores marvels of nature at the Driftwood Center in Georgia.

Fourth graders extend their study of nature and ecosystems at the Barrier Island Education Center on Seabrook Island. It serves as their classroom and home-away-from-home for three days, creating a fabulous learning experience and many wonderful memories.

Fourth graders at Barrier Island Education Center

Exploring History and Culture

Eighth graders go to Washington, DC for a week to bring their study of U.S. History to life.

Eighth grade to Washington DC

Eighth graders in Washington D.C.

Fifth graders immerse themselves in Colonial times in Colonial Williamsburg. Highlights of the trip include a visit to the House of Burgesses, watching a blacksmith demonstration, and having tea with the town’s printer. One evening they dress in Colonial outfits for dinner.

Fifth graders in Colonial Williamsburg


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