Charleston Day School

Charleston Day School

Distinctively Charleston Day

What Distinguishes Us?

Tucked behind the gates at 15 Archdale Street, sits Charleston Day School. Our faculty is known for its competence and care, and our curriculum is rooted in more than 80 years of tradition.

Love of Learning

Here, we make time. We make time to be curious, to discover and to build friendships.

In a world that moves at lightning speed, Charleston Day is a space where children can love learning and grow into the best versions of themselves.

big and little students reading together

Historic Campus

In our neighborhood, we are within blocks of City Hall, the Gibbes Museum of Art and other places that challenge our assumptions and open our minds. With Charleston as our backdrop, we live our lessons in a city that brings assignments to life. We are pirates, revolutionaries, artists and architects.

Personal Attention

Here at Charleston Day, we pay attention. Teachers ask questions. People know our names, our interests and our strengths. Coaches listen closely, and teachers attend our games. With small classes, no one gets lost, and we each can find our voice.

Mission Centered

In our halls, we choose kindness. “Make the right choice.” “Include everyone.” “Treat others with respect.” These are the rules we live by.

class trip downtown sidewalk

8th Grade Leaders

Ending in the eighth grade creates opportunities for our oldest students to lead and mentor. Eighth graders, with the guidance of their advisors, identify their strengths, interests and goals as they move through the high school counseling process. Learn more about the advantages of a K-8 school.

Come and See

Visit to see our teachers and students in action. Contact Caroline Moore at and attend an Admissions Event. You will find a place that is welcoming, engaging and energizing. Welcome to Charleston Day.

three students make music with drum and triangle

Our Mission

The school’s mission statement drives everything we do.

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Middle school students are role models.

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Public Speaking

Students leave CDS as confident public speakers.

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Pounds Fresh Produce Per Week
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Historic Sites within Blocks

A Current Parent

CDS is an amazing combination of a little school where staff and teachers go above and beyond to help the students in all aspects and a big family where all staff call the students by name, even if they don’t participate in their education.

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