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Investing in Charleston Day School impacts our greatest assets– students and teachers.

Investing in CDS

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The Gateway Giving Fund is the school’s annual giving program, which provides critical unrestricted financial support. It is the cornerstone of our fundraising as it directly impacts our greatest assets: students and teachers.

Below are examples of how your gift makes an impact:

Innovation | Charleston Day School
INNOVATION: New AQUOS touch screen whiteboards in classrooms

Providing classroom resources like AQUOS interactive display boards ensure productive and lively classroom spaces that support many learning styles to promote success for each student. (average cost per board $3,000)

Security | Charleston Day School
CAMPUS SECURITY: Enhanced campus security measures on our campus

An investment in improvements to our downtown campus security included 3-M protective material to windows, sensored doors with fob entrances to monitor entry points, and increased security presence during the school day. (3-M window protection $12,000)

Teachers as Learners | Charleston Day School
TEACHERS AS LIFELONG LEARNERS: Supporting teachers in ongoing education experiences

Over 2/3 of our teachers hold advanced degrees and certifi cations. With the goal of providing superior instruction, best teaching practices, and a supportive home-away-from-home for our students, we strive to offer continuing education opportunities. (costs range from $100 to $5,000)

Access + Inclusion | Charleston Day School
ACCESS AND INCLUSION: 40% increase in financial assistance over the last 5 years

In order to expand our community of learning, we continue to increase financial assistance for families who otherwise could not attend CDS.


Gateway Giving FAQs

How does my gift make a difference?
  • Every donation, no matter what size, directly impacts the students, teachers, and the campus.
  • A gift represents your vote of confidence in the CDS experience.
  • Consistent annual giving supports the programs and people that make CDS unique. “Academically, Charleston Day prepared me better for Academic Magnet High School than I could have ever hoped,” said Zachary Kronsberg, Class of 2014. “From the writing skills instilled in my to my Spanish speaking to an incredible background in math, the transition into upper level classes has not been challenging.”
How much should I give?

The amount you choose to give is up to you. We ask that you make a meaningful gift based on your personal situation. Your gift shows that you feel a connection to the school and count yourself as a member of our community.

Why does the school ask for a contribution in addition to tuition?

CDS strives to make tuition competitive but also affordable. The board sets tuition fees to cover approximately 87% of the educational costs. The difference is funded primarily through annual giving contributions and endowment draw. An independent school education asks families to consider investing in both tuition and philanthropy.

How can I match my gift?

Many corporations have a matching gift program that can double or even triple contributions to CDS. Some will match the gifts of spouses and/or retirees.

Check to see if your company participates in a matching gift program here.

Can I make a donation in honor or memory of someone?

Yes, when you make a gift in honor or memory of someone special, that person or family will receive a note that a gift was made in their name along with the donor’s contact information. The amount of the gift is not included.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Gifts to the Gateway Giving Fund are tax deductible. Once we receive your gift, you will receive a receipt verifying your gift.

Can I donate stock or securities?

Yes, gifts of securities are accepted. Please contact:
Stock Gift Transfer Information
DTC#: 0547 (Robert W. Baird)
Account number: 7118-1359 Charleston Day School Gift Account
Robert W. Baird
Attn: Linda Slade


May I direct my gift to a specific need?

Yes, please contact Mary Baarcke in the CDS Advancement office at 843-266-9798 or

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