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Fine Arts for All Students

Understanding that children are artistic by nature and interested in creative expression, Charleston Day has created a Fine Arts Program that is rich, engaging and personally fulfilling for each child. Fine Arts courses are offered to students in grades K-8 and include visual arts, music and performing arts. Guided and inspired by talented educators, students are immersed in a practical curriculum that promotes collaborative skills, self-expression, perseverance and confidence.

Music in Grades K-6

As they advance through the grades, students learn to sing a varied repertoire of music for stylistic accuracy and good breath control. They study periods of music, instruments and their families, composers of different time periods and the basic components of music.

Musical Theater Elective

Seventh and eighth graders continue with visual arts and have the choice to embark in musical theatre, a Charleston Day School favorite. Longtime professional educator, Mrs. Chrystal Hawkins, provides students the opportunity not only to participate on stage but behind the scenes to learn all facets of production. In the seventh and eighth grade musical theatre elective, students gain a deeper understanding of acting, writing, designing costumes, choreographing and staging shows, ranging from Sleepy Hollow and The Sound of Music to classics such as Peter PanAlice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid.

peter pan musical poster

It’s no wonder that one of Mrs. Hawkins’ peers wrote the following when recommending her to receive the Excellence in Teaching Award: “Chrystal motivates all students to stretch their abilities and to produce at a level that surprises the students themselves, their parents, and the school community.”

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