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Gym comes alive with “Sound of Music”

May 2

Mrs. Hawkins, a 25-year legacy

Thank you to Mrs. Chrystal Hawkins and her middle school Musical Theatre elective class for an amazing performance! It’s no wonder that one of her peers wrote the following when recommending her to receive the Excellence in Teaching Award: “Chrystal motivates all students to stretch their abilities and to produce at a level that surprises the students themselves, their parents, and the school community.”

Beyond Their Comfort Zone

Watch how these two middle school students get through this scene with minimal blushing. When the audience erupted in applause at the conclusion of the show, The cast directed the attention to their teacher and presented her flowers and a thank-you poster. Well done!

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All-School Art Show

An All-School Art Show for Charleston Day? Let’s do the math: With about 260 student artists in K-8, and an average of...

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