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In a recent survey, parents listed Public Speaking as the No. 1 trait that differentiates the CDS experience from that of other schools. Here’s what makes our program special:

Every student, every year

From their first year at Charleston Day, students gain experience speaking publicly. As students advance through the grades, they always have a speaking part, whether it is explaining the role of the mayor during the First Grade Community Helpers show, performing in French during the Lion King play or reciting Shakespeare in the seventh grade Dramatic Reading.

Featured Events

5th Grade Speech Contest

A highlight of the public speaking curriculum is the 5th Grade Dottie Rhett Speech Contest. All students research and write a speech on their chosen topic. Several finalists are selected to present to the entire school and an outside panel of judges. The rest of the students present dramatic readings.

8th grade Speech

A capstone of Charleston Day’s public speaking curriculum is the 8th grade speech. After reflection and consultation with the homeroom teacher, each student writes and delivers a speech to the entire school community during weekly assemblies throughout the year.


3 who won 5th grade contest

6th Grade

Aesop’s life lessons presented.

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Eighth grade speech

A tribute to her teachers

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Students gain confidence on stage.

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