Charleston Day School

Charleston Day School

Our History

Founding - 1937

Charleston Day School was founded in the heart of Charleston by Mary Stuart and Emily Tenney. It opened its doors to 14 students in five grades in 1937.

Relocation - 1939

The new school grew rapidly and moved to a new facility on the corner of Elliott Street and Bedon’s Alley.

Board of Trustees - 1969

The Board Trustees was established to oversee the school as a non-profit corporation. Benjamin Allston Moore, Jr., one of our earliest graduates, became the first Chair of the Board.

Second Relocation - 1973

To accommodate growth, the school was moved to a larger location on State Street.

Current Location - 1986

The school was moved again to a new location at 15 Archdale Street, where it stands today.

Campus Expands - 2011

To meet the needs of the growing student body, the school constructed a 12,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art science, technology, media and classroom space, which opened in 2011.

The outdoor terrace on the third floor provides breathtaking views of the city, including eight church steeples.

The school acquired the adjacent property at 17 Archdale Street and, in 2014, renovated it for school administration offices.

AHERA Management Plan Available

Click here to view the AHERA Management Plan notice dated July 14, 2023.

Please note that all of Charleston Day School buildings have been certified asbestos-free.

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