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Fielding Campus Expansion

Fielding Property Acquisition

Charleston Day School acquired the Fielding Home for Funerals property in early October, 2023. The new property significantly increases the footprint of the campus and solidifies the “Forever Home” of CDS in downtown Charleston.

The process to acquire the Fielding property occurred in 2023, but the permanent location for the campus has been an open question for many years. CDS has been an integral part of Charleston for over 85 years and the historic city is an invaluable extension of its campus.  The trade-off for the central location, however, has been limited space. With the Fielding campus expansion that issue is now resolved. It provides the space the school needs to sustain CDS in its current location for the next 85 years and beyond.

Charleston Day School Fielding Campus Expansion Overhead View

Campus Expansion Planning

CDS is currently in the “visioning” process with its community to develop a master campus plan and set priorities in what will be a phased approach to bringing the campus expansion to fruition.

The school purchased 7 Magazine Street last fall, which provides a critical link between the existing Archdale Street campus and the Fielding property to the north. With these acquisitions, the School now has the footprint to consider increased open and outdoor areas, enhanced athletic facilities, an assembly/performance hall, dedicated arts, music, and creative spaces, special purpose spaces for enhanced and new programming, larger and additional classrooms to support growth, and so much more that could not have been reasonably accomplished without the addition of this property.

The school is working with LS3P design firm as they begin the visioning phase of the Fielding campus expansion project.

Historic two-story grey Charleston house with side porch 7 Magazine Street

Our Historic Neighborhood

Head of School, Judith Foley Arnstein is excited to begin work on the master campus plan. “As we move forward with planning for the Fielding property, we will continue to focus on being good neighbors and positive members of the greater Charleston community. We remain ever mindful of the history and character of our neighborhood and both the school’s and the Fielding family’s place in the history of our vibrant city.”

The primary building on the Fielding property is a three-story stucco house built in the late 1790’s. The Fielding Funeral business moved to 122 Logan Street in 1928 when Julius P.L. Fielding acquired the three-story Georgian-style structure. The original structure will remain on the property as it has valuable historical significance, and Charleston Day is working together with the Fielding family to honor their legacy at this historic site.  

The vision statement of CDS is to partner with families to provide a superior academic, artistic, athletic, and ethical foundation, preparing each student for a lifetime of achievement. While much work remains, this acquisition significantly enhances the School’s ability to more fully realize that vision uniquely in each of its students and in generations of students to follow. The future of CDS is bright indeed!

Charleston Day School Fielding Property Expansion
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