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2020-2021 Student Government

October 7

Congratulations to our newly elected 2020-2021 Student Council Officers and Red & Blue Team Captains!

Student Government had their first meeting on October 6th with the class presidents.  They approved our Student Government Constitution. They are currently brainstorming on how they can be involved with our Bigs this year and ways the School can participate in community service. They will be running a food drive in November for the LowCountry Food Bank. They also came up with a schedule for helping to keep lost and found organized. They will meet with the Class Presidents and the Blue and Red Team Captains at our next meeting via Zoom on October 20th. The Student Government’s faculty advisor is Mrs. Shortridge this year!

Go Scorps!

4th Grade President: Whit S. / Blue Team Captains: Bowers C., Rhetta R., Scottie P. / Red Team Captains: Will M., Cate G., Lydia B.


5th Grade President: Bea A. / Blue Team Captains: Ragan S. and Davis S. / Red Team Captains: Wills W. and Leland E.


6th Grade President: Liza H. / Blue Team Captains: Molly M. and Graham S. / Red Team Captains: Sally R. and Jack G.


7th Grade President: Julia B. / Blue Team Captains: Johnny C. and Ellis A. / Red Team Captains: Trenton K. and Spencer H.


8th Grade President: Jack J. / Vice President: Jesse C. / Treasurer: Jonah S.


8th Grade Blue Team Captains: Gates M. and William H. / Red Team Captains: Perrin O. and Jackson M.



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