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4th Grade Annual Invention Convention

December 3
2019 Invention Convention winners

Fourth grade science teacher Kathy Hughes shakes hands with the Invention Convention award winners.

This month, the fourth grade participated in the annual Invention Convention. Students identified problems and then designed creative solutions. What to do with disorganized purses? How about a special jug to keep kids from spilling milk? Soccer cleats in the house? No problem! There was even an invention to handle dirty dog paws.

On November 7, 2019, fourth graders presented their projects in the gym to a panel of outside judges who asked tough questions. How much would you charge for your product? How is it different from the competition? We are grateful for the time and attention given by our esteemed judges from Boeing, MUSC, Garden & Gun, Meadors, Inc., Charleston County Parks, SPAWAR plus local entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to all of the fourth graders on their hard work and ingenuity. The awards went to:

1st Place: Bennett Whaley – Eggcracker 2000
2nd Place: George Lari – Real Wet Brush
3rd Place: Gretchen Dawson – Puppy Pinata
Honorable Mention: Gibbes Allen – Pads for Paws
Honorable Mention: Wright Ghegan – Solar Irrigation System

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