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Community Service

Annual Day of Service

June 10

On May 28, the Charleston Day community participated in our annual Day of Service. Service activities provide opportunities for students to build meaningful relationships with their peers, teachers, and members of the community, fostering a sense of belonging and connection. In addition, engaging in service activities instills a sense of social responsibility in students, helping them understand the importance of giving back to others and making a positive impact on society– all traits we work to promote in our students.

Day of Service Opening Speaker

Charleston Day School Day of Service speakerCommander Kirk Lippold, U.S. Navy (retired), addressed the whole school to kick off this special day. He spoke about the importance of responsibility and integrity. Commander Lippold then reminded us how lessons we learn today impact our choices in the future. We can use experiences that are happening now as reference points for making decisions as we grow and learn.

Following the whole school presentation, Commander Lippold met with 7th and 8th graders to provide more in-depth information about why leadership matters and his experiences during crises. “You are always capable of doing a little more than you think you can do,” noted Commander Lippold.

On-Campus Activities

Students in grades kindergarten through 5th grade rotated through several activities at school in support of Charleston Animal Society, One80 Place, Boon Project, Ronald McDonald House, and Charleston Cancer Partners. Students got a little messy making dog treats for the animal shelter and painting kindness rocks for cancer patients. The kindness rocks were added to care bags that contained essential items like toothbrushes and water bottles. In other rooms, students wrote supportive notes to add to the different care bags.

Charleston Day School Day of Service activity  Charleston Day School Day of Service activity

To see a little more information about the 5th grade care bags, watch THIS CHANNEL 2 FEATURE!

Off-Campus Activities

Charleston Day School Day of Service activityStudents in 6th through 8th grades left campus to work with The Fisher House, Water Mission, and Charleston Animal Society in person. After receiving tours and learning more about each organization, the groups pitched in to help with small jobs at the different locations.


To end the morning, we heard from one final speaker. Jennifer Jenkins spoke on behalf of the Wounded Warrior Project. She reminded us how small connections matter. And, if we offer to help at least one person, it will make a difference.


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Community Service

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