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Book Fair Raises Money for Library

November 15

Our librarian, Mrs. Frankie Westbrook, is pleased to announce that the book fair held earlier this year raised $1,016.43 for the Charleston Day Library. We are very grateful to our many volunteers and patrons who made this event such a success!

Special thank you to our volunteers. We couldn’t have managed without them. Please thank them when you see them:
Heidi Strenck, Chair
Chrissie Batten
Alix Bragg
MJ Clarkson
Danica Claypoole
Hunter Dawson
Allyson Ferguson
Hope Gamble
Elizabeth Hamilton
Anne Keogh
Shelley Kirk
Sally Liipfert
Meg Manuel
Kate Mettler
Emily Molten
Frances Parker
Ann Reid
Katherine Austin Smith
Gina Snyder

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