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CDS pays tribute to Mrs. R

November 15

For 36 years, Mrs. Katie Richardson, or “Mrs. R” as she was affectionately known, served the families of Charleston Day School, first as a second grade teacher and then as an administrator. Generations of students have been shaped by her attentive care and counsel. What an honor it was for us to welcome her back to campus today to offer a small tribute for her service! She was presented with a scrapbook of photos as well as many cards and notes from students, parents and teachers. Thank you, Mrs. Caitlin Tobin, for assembling the scrapbook.

While there are many programs such as Around the World and the Fairy Tale Festival that will always be associated with your name, it is your love for children and the joy you show while working with students that will have the deepest impact. We love and miss you!

A Poem for Mrs. R, 

by Mrs. Vicky Cardwell

Mrs. R. is quite unique some may say,
It is said she never sleeps, not at night, nor during the day,
Her energy is well documented by most of us here,
Work all day AND all night? Mrs. R. is able, have no fear,

Her passion for teaching cannot be surpassed,
Her students can testify to her enthusiasm in class,
Mrs. R’s love for children has been obvious from the start,
Casual chats and sincere hugs always touch her heart,

She truly knows the cures just like Mrs. Piggle Wiggle,
And she thoroughly delights to the sound of each child’s giggle,
Planning a special event, field trip, or back to school night?
This lady makes EVERY occasion an unbelievable sight!

The knowledge and wisdom she’s acquired over 36 years
Is still passed along, at CDS, yes, right here,
Her students, parents, and colleagues will always know
How Mrs. R. made us feel and how she helped us grow,

But before this gets too mushy, it’s time to have some fun,
No worries Mrs. R., no roasting here, so no need to run,

Long before teacher webinars and blogs were the rage,
Mrs. R. lived these words, “Set the stage to engage.”

And long before this next educational phrase was cool,
She would “never underestimate the power of a costume”, at school.
So enjoy just a few clips of the recent and not so recent past,
As we remember what we’ve learned and how much we’ve laughed.

Just as a stone has a ripple effect when dropped in a lake,
We want to demonstrate what a difference you continue to make,

So we’re not going to ask you to come up here alone,
Instead you’ll be surrounded by love, like the love you have shone.


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