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Dock Street ‘Scrooge’ Prepares 5th Grade for Show

December 7

Q & A with Actor

The 5th grade class walked to the Dock Street Theatre this week to attend the Charleston Stage production of “A Christmas Carol.” The set design, the actors’ performance, and the visual effects impressed the students.
Afterwards, one of the leading actors, Connor Sullivan, who played the ghost of Christmas Future, answered our students’ questions and encouraged them in their upcoming performance of “Scrooge the Musical.”

Preparing for the Show

“He said you should probably be studying your lines every day,” said Jack Josey, who is playing Scrooge. Jack said he’s excited, yet a little nervous about remembering his lines. Thomas Hershey, who is playing the young Ebenezer, said the actor gave him a useful tip: Practice with a voice recorder.

Similarities & Differences

While the script was mostly similar to the CDS show, Meade Cogswell noticed some differences.
“I have to say ‘My Love’ and ‘My Dear,’ but the professionals didn’t say that,” she said. Meade thinks she’s going to feel silly wearing a pillow around her waist, and she’s a little nervous about having to fake cry.
“I’m not really of a cryer,” she said. “I’m more of a jumpy person.”
In addition to music class, several students have been practicing after school with Mrs. Hawkins. The entire class will meet Friday for an after school practice.

Inspiration for Future

The experience inspired 5th grader Christopher Landers to pursue acting lessons. He asked the actor several questions about how to pursue an acting career.
“I felt like they spent a lot of time, especially on the set and the costumes,” Christopher said. “They knew their lines really well.”
The 5th grade performance of “Scrooge the Musical” is Monday, Dec. 18 at 5:30 p.m. in the CDS Gym.

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