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Planting Seeds for the Love of Science

February 25

Kate Brundrett, or “Ms. B” as the Kindergarteners call her, is animated and inviting as she gives each student in the Kindergarten classroom their very own containers filled with soil. Hands raise high when she asks a question. She walks around with a plate of tiny seeds in her hand, making sure each student sees what they are about to receive, and she guides them as they gently create a well in the soil. Just as wonderful as this experience (who doesn’t like playing in the dirt?), these students’ learning is just beginning. They will soon water and watch their plants grow, giving them sunlight and care. And more than that, their interest in science and living things is being planted now will surely grow. That’s the gift “Ms. B” gives daily to students in grades K-3. So glad she chooses Charleston Day School as home!

“Face masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing…so many things are changing right now! But as scientists, we know how important it is to rise to new challenges. It’s our job to keep making connections, stretching our brains, and digging deeper — and I am so excited to share those experiences with my students this year at Charleston Day!” – Kate Brundrett, K-3 Science Teacher

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