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The Gateway Spring 2020 – Digital Edition

April 14

Published biannually, The Gateway magazine is Charleston Day School’s main publication for families and alumni. The Spring 2020 edition was originally scheduled to release the first week of April, but our local printer in Charleston was under the same “stay at home” orders we were all experiencing. We chose to release the magazine digitally first in order to be responsive to this unique time and to communicate with our CDS community. Although there are printers outside our area that were not under such orders, we wanted to honor our vendor’s commitment to the School and to support them (and our local Charleston business community) in the same way. The print version will be a welcome keepsake of an unusual time, and all the more precious. Look for it in mailboxes in the coming weeks!

“As reflected in this digital edition of The Gateway, community has always been and remains central to the fulfillment of Charleston Day’s mission of providing a solid K-8 foundation for all of our students. Under the pressures of this public health crisis, Charleston Day’s community reflects a strength, determination, and resilience that is far greater than the sum of its individual parts. Online learning and school activities continue to build a sense of community even if remotely. In every corner, people within Charleston Day’s community have risen to accept new and unpredictable challenges. I hope this edition of The Gateway will pleasantly remind you of the deep and special community behind Charleston Day and the many ways the school strives to deliver upon its mission.” — J. Rutledge Young III, Chair, CDS Board of Trustees

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Community Service

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News & Events

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