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Third Graders Read and Raise Funds

November 12

The third graders are participating in the annual Read-a-Thon again this year. Traditionally, the CDS third grade asks friends and family to sponsor each of them to read over the course of a week. The group walks off campus on the last day to read their books in Washington Square. This year, these phenomenal readers raised $7,400!  That total amount was divided by 8 local charities, so that each will receive $927.

On October 29, 2019, Cindy Perry and Jennifer Woody from the Kiawah Conservatory brought their turtle friends to the CDS campus to help accept the gracious gift of $927. The students enjoyed a presentation about the Sea Turtle Patrol as well as a simulation in the garden on finding a sea turtle’s nest.

3rd grade read-a-thon Fisher House

A Fisher House representative accepts a donation of $927 from the CDS third grade on November 12, 2019.

Through the Read-a-Thon, the third graders are learning the value of working hard to make the world a better place. (And the love of reading.) The third grade chooses charities that coincide with the CDS monthly watchword. In November, we focused on gratitude, so to show their gratitude for veterans they donated to the Fisher House. The December Read-a-Thon earnings will go to Toys for Tots. Having multiple beneficiaries has been a great change from previous years and is going well so far. Great job, third grade!

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