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Ready, Set, Spike: Volleyball Season Highlights

October 26

At the conclusion of our volleyball season, we asked our coaches to share some highlights of each team. Congratulations, Scorpions, on a great season. Hear from the coaches below. To learn more about other CDS sports (basketball registration is underway) offered at Charleston Day School, visit the Our Teams on our website.

2nd 5th volleyball

Fifth and Sixth Grades

The participation level for fifth grade was so high that we had to form two teams. The girls improved steadily practice by practice, game by game.  The 5th grade Red team tied for 4th in the league. The eight sixth graders had an outstanding season, including a big victory over Ashley Hall. They continued to improve and develop more advanced strategies as the season progressed. They will be a major threat next year in seventh.

–Coach Kathy Hughes and Coach Aileen Halford

Seventh Grade

Coach Amber and I had the privilege to coach these young, energetic and enthusiastic 7th grade girls. Some had previous play, while others were just learning the game. We spent the first few weeks in prime time condition mode (I know not their favorite, but we had to learn to be the quickest team out there), and then hit the practices hard with fundamentals of volleyball.

Practicing three days a week, juggling school, homework and all other extra curricular activities, these girls sure did put in the work. After a few wins, we hit our first loss early in the season. That loss, sunk deep in with these girls and sparked a light that brought the whole team together.

From strong serves, to three passes, to tips, sets and strong spikes, the girls began to evolve into one team. They finished the season with some tough games (and lots of make up games), but truly they all learned to love the sport, love each other, and gain a passion for volleyball. I wish all these beautiful young women success, and can’t wait to see them progress in this sport.

— Coach Kate Frey

Eighth Grade

The CDS 8th Grade team worked incredibly hard this volleyball season! With only seven players, everyone played all positions and improved all around the court! We played in the A division, moving up from last year, and had some tough competition! The girls handled the pressure well and continued to improve every game. The outcomes weren’t always what we wanted, but they are ready to take on 9th grade!

— Coach Katherine Dantzler

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