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8th Grader Describes Heroes

October 11

What do Taylor Swift, music teacher Mrs. Hawkins and a Charleston Day mom and dad have in common? They are each heroes for an 8th grader because they’ve taught her the value of being herself and have given her the confidence to do so.

The first of our 8th grade speeches was presented this week, kicking off a signature Charleston Day program that is a favorite among our community. Her message demonstrated that she’s learned one of life’s most valuable lessons — a lesson we hope every eighth grader learns before they leave our gates.

If you have the confidence to show people who you are and not be intimidated by a bigger person, then life will be easier for you.

When people see that you can be yourself without hesitation then you become a role model.

Being a role model, is something Charleston Day eighth graders hear a lot about. As the oldest students on our campus, we deliberately give them many opportunities to lead — whether it is running an assembly, partnering with Memminger Elementary to be lunch buddies, or being captains for their field day teams.

Each week throughout the year during assembly, an 8th grader will present a speech to our community. Some students reveal a struggle or hardship they’ve overcome. Some retell a family trip or tradition that was humorous or meaningful. Each speech is meaningful and instructive to both the student and all in attendance. We’re already looking forward to next Monday’s assembly. Join us anytime. You will be glad you did!

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