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8th Grade Leads Assembly, Plays Jeopardy

September 28

Before the start of school, Mr. Reid asked the 8th graders to run an assembly from start to finish. After several class meetings, they decided to host a jeopardy game, including fun CDS trivia such as how many pairs of twins are at CDS? (7) and which family (including cousins) has the most students at CDS? (The Hoods).

The Red and Blue Team Captains competed while the student body cheered enthusiastically for their teammates. The score went back and forth until they were tied for the last question. Watch how the students reacted when the Red Team answered correctly for the win.

Hosting the assembly, required students to really step out of their comfort zones, said Emmy Keogh, 8th grade class president. They took turns with the speaking parts, including the pledge, announcements and the closing prayer.

We are always looking for opportunities for our 8th graders to step into leadership roles. They accepted the challenge and demonstrated great poise confidence at center stage. Well done, 8th grade. You produced a memorable assembly and helped us get to know each other better.

Here’s a sampling of the trivia questions:

Which 8th grader has twin sisters?


Which teacher just moved here from Chicago?

Mr. Kerkstra

What is the name of Mr. Reid’s dog?


How many teachers have children attend CDS?


How many pairs of twins are at CDS?


What is the biggest family including cousins at CDS?

The Hoods


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