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Art Show Inspires Students

December 6

Showcasing their Work

At the school’s recent All Student Art Show, a 4th grade boy explained his piece to a group of other students. He described in detail why he didn’t have to use a particular clay technique, whereas the other students did. For CDS Art Teacher Liz Barry, those are the moments that make the event worthwhile.

The students see themselves as artists, and part of that process is showcasing their work.

“I think it’s really important to show the students that how you present your artwork is important,” Barry said. The show offers a way for students to share their work with their parents, grandparents and the wider school community.


“You can visually see the progression from grade to grade, and that inspires a lot of kids, especially the younger ones,” Barry said.

Charleston Day School hosts an Art Show in the Fall and the Spring. Each features works from all students in all 9 grades. The works were inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s close-up paintings and artwork created from her surroundings, but given a Charleston spin with our proximity to the ocean.

Artist Series

Each semester, the entire school completes an in-depth study of the life and works of the same artist. Students use various media such as glass, ceramics and clay.

The students participate in every level of preparing for the show, including pinning and labeling each piece.  

“Seeing other artwork inspires them to create more and step up their own game.”

Learn more about Charleston Day’s Art Program.

Throughout the School

We don’t wait for the Art Show each semester to showcase student work. From the receptionist desk to the lunch room, student artwork is proudly displayed throughout our campus. Providing opportunities for students to develop and showcase their artistic skills helps Charleston Day students recognize their strengths.

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