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Charleston Day First Day of School

August 25

Charleston Day opened the first day of the school year by gathering the whole school in the parking lot to raise the American flag and sing the National Anthem. “Saying the pledge was my favorite part of the week. It was nice for our country,” commented a 1st grader.

CDS First Day Traditions

CDS first day of school flag raisingIn keeping with CDS tradition, Ethan, Class of 2024, the banner bearer from our spring, 2023 graduation ceremony had the honor of raising the flag. The banner bearer is chosen by the faculty and exemplifies the school mission both on and off campus.

As Mrs. Arnstein shared with the K-8 student body, “Each of you has an opportunity and an obligation to live up to the mission (of the school) and in doing so, you will contribute to our community each and every day. By showing up, putting forth your best effort, being kind, and recognizing that everyone in our community makes a difference, you will make all of us Scorpion proud.”

Earlier that morning, Mrs. Arnstein greeted students with a handshake during carpool. All students receive a personal greeting every day when they arrive on campus. This helps set the tone for the close community we strive to provide. 

This year’s student body of 250 includes 52 new students. Our students represent more than a dozen zip codes locally. In addition, we have new families who have recently moved here from Texas, Maryland, and New York.

During the first few days, students participated in activities to get to know each other better and set classroom expectations. Some favorite moments from the first week included meeting new teachers, seeing friends, walking to different classes, and volleyball practices.

In the classrooms, students played community building games, freshened skills in preparation for this year’s new material, and practiced routines.

These first few days of school provide a foundation for all the new skills and knowledge students will learn this year!

To learn about more of our CDS traditions, CLICK HERE.

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