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Fourth Grade Inventors Pitch Products to Judges – Winners Announced!

November 15

Do you struggle to carry your fishing rod on your bicycle? Ever get in the shower only to discover you are out of shampoo? Dread the smell when cleaning up after your dog?

Charleston Day 4th graders invented solutions to these real-world problems and many more. Their invention project started weeks ago when students were asked to brainstorm a list of “What bugs them.”

After selecting one problem to solve, each student created a prototype, researched the market and made a sales pitch to an outside group of local experts at the Invention Convention.

At the conclusion of the convention, the judges discussed their favorite inventions, tallied their scores and then announced the winners!


First Place: Tillman Werntz “Spray Saver”

Second Place: Hunter Dawson “Mosquito Mulch”

Third Place: Julia Burdick Gaddy “Adjust-A-Jump”

Honorable Mention: Rose Burtschy “For All to See”

Honorable Mention: Huston Snyder “Shark Tooth Spotter”

Honorable Mention: Jackson Fisher “Locker Blocker”


Winners were announced during Monday’s Assembly.





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