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Taco Inventions Tested

October 5

Testing is a critical step in the design process, fourth graders discovered this week. Some inventions made eating tacos less messy, while others failed, spilling ingredients across the floor.

4th invention

To solve the messy taco problem, some students designed a special glove to wear, and others had giant bibs to collect spillage. One girl tried to balance her taco on a plate at the top of a tall pole. After a few bites, it toppled over and the ingredients covered the floor.

Students are using the taco invention to learn the steps of the engineering design process. Now that they’ve warmed up to the process, they will each identify their own problem and design a solution.

4th invents taco

They will present their products to our school community, as well as a panel of outside judges at the 4th Grade Invention Convention, November 9 from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.

taco 4th invents
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