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Coach Whetzel Receives Excellence in Teaching Award

August 30

Charleston Day School excellence in teaching awardThis past week we recognized Coach Whetzel as the 2023 recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award. Travis Whetzel is a teacher who demonstrates excellence every single day. He has a deep sense of empathy for students and parents. In addition, he understands that learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, Coach believes we can measure success in multiple ways. Coach embodies our mission of respect, responsibility, integrity and scholarship in all that this teacher does and is a quiet role model for all. As one colleague noted, “Travis teaches with humor, compassion, and a desire to have our students be the best that they can be.”

Charleston Day School excellence in teaching awardAnother nomination read, “Travis Whetzel can be counted upon to provide a supportive environment and calm demeanor at all times. The students always know what to expect from him and therefore have great respect for Coach Whetzel. Travis gets to know each student as a whole person and is able to find each student’s unique strengths and use those to help a student find success.”

Mrs. Arnstein summed up Coach Whetzel’s contributions to our community when she shared, “I have observed that this teacher is a true example of persistence, resilience and understanding that a group of students can often accomplish more together than apart.”

Congratulations, Coach Whetzel!

Excellence in Teaching Award Background

An alumni family established The Excellence in Teaching Fund in 2016. The family wanted to recognize and thank the wonderful teachers and staff at Charleston Day School. CDS is filled with exemplary educators. Each year the School seeks nominations from parents, current and former faculty members, and alumni to recognize the dedication and commitment of its teachers.

Last year’s recipient was kindergarten teacher, Garden Blincow. To read more about our amazing faculty and staff, CLICK HERE.

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