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Cultivating Gratitude

November 28

Grateful versus Thankful

What’s the difference between grateful and thankful? That’s the question Head of School Judith Foley Arnstein posed to students during this week’s Assembly following the Thanksgiving break.plate

The concept started in her own family around the dinner table. Her adult children noticed the two words printed on her platter and debated the difference.

“You are thankful for something someone has done for you,” Mrs. Arnstein said, offering examples such as someone holding open the door for you to pass. “It is automatic, and you are not necessarily thinking about it.”

Gratitude, on the other hand, is when you really take the time to think about and appreciate something or someone.

Happier, Healthier, Less Stress

“Research has proven that being grateful is really good for you,” she said. People who are grateful are generally happier, healthier and have less stress.

Mrs. Arnstein encouraged the students to spend time each day during the weeks between now and the next holiday break thinking about all for which they are grateful. The Assembly ended with a moment of silence, allowing students time to do just that.

Grateful for Community

At Charleston Day School, we are grateful each day to work with an amazing community of engaged students, faculty, parents, and alumni who support our mission.


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