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Holiday Message from the Head of School

December 20

December 20, 2018

Dear Charleston Day School Families,

Over the past several months, I’ve had the privilege of listening to a number of our students deliver their eighth grade speeches, a cherished Charleston Day School tradition. In keeping with the School’s focus on developing strong oral and written communication skills, each eighth grader prepares a speech about a topic that is important to him or her, and over the course of the school year these students deliver their speeches in front of the entire School at a Monday Assembly. To date, the speeches have ranged from narratives about camp experiences to stories about family gatherings. One student talked about the character building that accompanies playing competitive tennis, another was (begrudgingly) thankful that the battery on his phone ran out during a family vacation because it forced him to be in the moment and really enjoy being with his extended family. No matter what the topic of the speech, each contained an underlying sense of gratitude, a focus on hard work and perseverance, and the self awareness to put those feelings into words.

Watch the Video: Head of School Judith Foley Arnestein reads “‘Twas the Night Before Break” for the CDS family.

I was struck by the fact that it was often the smallest moments that had meaning for these students — peppermint ice cream at grandmother’s house, a burnt breakfast at camp or the kind word of a new friend at a new school. Each of these moments could have passed without notice or memory, but instead, they became part of a personal narrative that will be remembered and treasured. It was a reminder to always be present in life.

As your family spends the next few weeks together over winter break, I wish you many small moments and the time to enjoy each other’s company. All of us at Charleston Day School are grateful that you choose to share your child(ren) with us — their smiles and accomplishments brighten each and every day.

With warmest holiday wishes,

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