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In Honor of Veterans

November 11

Chief Master Sergeant Jeremiah Grisham shares virtually at assembly.

This week, Charleston Day School honored veterans, both those in the CDS community as well as all U.S. veterans who have served our country. At Monday’s assembly, a video was shared from Dover Air Force Base in Delaware. We are thankful that the servicemen and women took the time to communicate with Charleston Day students and answer their questions about their work. It was amazing to see all the various jobs they do, from innovation and technology to graphic design to K-9 units…to bomb squad! Host of the video, Chief Master Sergeant Jeremiah Grisham of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal, has been in the military for 22 years and conveyed that loves what he does. He shared details from his life and tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Click here to watch the his video. Grisham works with CDS parent Senior Master Sergeant Joseph L. Leslie. Thank you, both. Happy Veterans Day!

Dr. Anc Clarkson speaks at assembly.

Next, it was a pleasure to listen to our speaker, Dr. Anc Clarkson, an emergency physician and CDS parent who served in the U.S. Army. Clarkson inspired us with stories of heroic and selfless veterans and challenged our community to see that “our sum is greater than the parts.” Indeed, we are better together! Click here to watch a video of his speech.

Today, on Veteran’s Day, the white table setting has been put up in the school so that all may remember our veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. To all veterans and to those active in the military, we are grateful for your service! And to those in the CDS community who have served our country, we appreciate you.

Becca Baird ’07 speaks at assembly in October.

Below are a few thank you notes written by CDS students to our speakers from this week as well as to alumnae Becca Baird ’07, a combat mission ready F15-E Strike Eagle pilot in the U.S. Air Force. Last month at assembly, she discussed how Charleston Day School’s mission to foster scholarship, integrity, respect and responsibility has continued to be an integral part of her own character, mission and goals.


Dear Captain Baird,

Happy Veterans’ Day! I would like to thank you for coming to our school to give the presentation. It was really enjoyable. I am almost one hundred percent sure you motivated some people to join the military. It must take a lot of courage to join the military. I loved your story about all the planes you flew. When you said the four pillars helped you with military life, I knew that it would help me when I was an adult. Thank you for your service and sacrificing your life for The United States. You really inspired not just me, but the whole school.

With Gratitude,
CDS Student

Dear Chief Master Sergeant Grisham,

Thank you for virtually coming to speak at our school. I liked how you said that you and your Bomb Squad are one big family and are always there for each other. Even through the holidays when you are away from your families it looks like you can all support each other. Thank you for serving our country.
CDS Student

Dear Dr. Clarkson, 

Thank you for presenting at our assembly! I know you took the time out of your day to speak with us and I appreciate it very much! I’m a part of a military family and I know how stressful things can be for you guys, even when you take time off. Your story was very empowering, especially the part about the purple heart. Your friend that gave the speech must have been really great to make the booing turn into cheers. Thank you for your service sir.

Best regards,
CDS Student

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