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Basketball Champions Team Banner

August 1

Members of the 2023 Senior Boys Division Trident Champions basketball team returned to the CDS gym to hang a commemorative banner in honor of their achievement. In case you missed it, the 8th grade team not only captured the Trident League Senior Boys Division title, but they were also undefeated with a perfect record of 15-0. Charleston Day School loves the excitement of a great basketball season. But, the lessons these students learned about being a member of a team is the real win.

CDS 8th grade basketball team with championship banner

The CDS Athletics Program

Charleston Day promotes a no-cut athletics program. We believe participating on a team is a robust delivery method for so many important skills: grit, resilience, persistence, practice and mastery. Beginning in 1st grade, students can participate in our “L’il Scorps” basketball program. Students develop basketball fundamentals and are able to hone their skills as they progress into older grades. By middle school, students have a foundation of basketball knowledge and are encouraged to participate on their grade level’s team if it is of interest to them.

The CDS Athletic Philosophy

The CDS Athletic Philosophy states that sportsmanship, respect for others, teamwork, good attitude, skill development and a passion for sports measure the success of our athletic program. Students in grades 3-6 have multiple athletic opportunities. Their focus is learning the rules of the game, building a team, developing appropriate skills and participating in organized games. Students in grades 7 and 8 are coached to understand the game at a higher level. Winning is not the focus of the overall program. However, preparing and competing to win help teams achieve their goals. That objective aligns with the mission of the School: scholarship, integrity, respect and responsibility. Mrs. Arnstein, CDS Head of School, commented, “I am proud that sportsmanship, good attitude, and teamwork are a cornerstone of our program.”

Congratulations, again, to the 2023 Championship team on a magical season! Your CDS cheering section will miss you.

CDS Senior Boys Division Trident Champions, 2023
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