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Field Day 2020

April 27

Go Red! Go Blue!

In the School’s first-ever (and as Coach Wallace puts it…”last”) virtual Field Day, the Red and Blue teams geared up and came out in full force on Friday, April 17, 2020. The day began with an all-school Zoom Opening Ceremony, complete with the National Anthem and warm-up exercises. Then the teams were off to complete a multitude of fun and creative tasks at home. Students chose activities to earn points for their team from a list of many including: running, dance video, scavenger hunt, washing the dog or the car, raking leaves, obstacle course, jumping jacks and much more!  Students were divided into age groups and sent their results/videos/pictures in to be counted. Congratulations to all our Scorpions for a job well done! It was very close, but the winner was…

Watch the video below to find out!

View more photos from Field Day 2020 below:

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